The Need

Tracie Hlavinka of Lago Vista, Texas has a department of nearly 120 employees. She wanted an employee survey, but most employee survey’s simply don’t deliver. Her objectives?

  • Understand employee morale?
  • What’s working well?
  • How do employees feel about events for employees?
  • What do they think of communications?
  • What is the health of all departments?

Her biggest need was to get feedback that helped her to keep and attract great talent in a competitive environment, despite a tight budget.

Here’s how Tracie explained her need. “Look, I need these employees. Their opinion of how things are going is important to me. They are the spokes that keep the wheel moving. If they’re not feeling valued and respected, how can I expect them to be good at their job? “

The OnPointe Solution

Sadly, employee surveys rarely provide a useful GAP Analysis that lets leaders know what’s most important and where things fall short of expectations. Most surveys cover vital questions, but make prioritization challenging. And most are simply too long. The OnPointe design delivers:

  • Clarity on the health of the work environment (and where to focus)
  • Intent to stay & staff motivation
  • Acceptance & Meaning prioritization
  • Growth & Autonomy prioritization
  • Teamwork & Work/Life/Harmony prioritization
  • A GAP analysis of all vital attributes

This and more is delivered in a 10-minute survey that is Mobile Friendly.  It solidly delivered on each issue needed.

The Outcome

Tracie and her team received a powerful dashboard that provided immediate clarity on the gaps and the areas where employees wanted more focus:

  • Easily see employee priorities
  • Explore in the intuitive dashboard – dig through layers to really understand the staff
  • Compare quickly between job types, staff tenure, employees who are at risk of leaving, level of motivation and more
  • Review actual comments by topic with the powerful interface

“I love the dashboard. It gave us the result we needed. Thankfully, things were going better than I had hoped, but we know where to focus and that’s powerful”, said Tracie Hlavinka, City Manager.

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