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CityPOV: Community Engagement Survey

When we were first asked by a city manager to design and execute their citizen survey, we paused to lean on our experience in the business world. With a review of their previous survey (and others like it) we created a new plan to…

  • Give them 4x the insights in half the length of their prior survey
  • Make it easy for people to take
  • Design it for mobile (because 50%+ would take it on their phones)
  • Give flexibility in how the survey was distributed
  • Increase community engagement
  • Eliminate cheaters or ballot stuffers
  • Create a process to rapidly develop a great survey with less effort
  • Provide powerful, intuitive results in a dashboard that allows for exploration

The end result was CityPOV, a powerful citizen survey designed for success. It’s a tool built to help city leaders intuitively prioritize and focus their limited resources.  

And with its low price it’s easy to do annually to adjust priorities and track progress. 

See the Insights Dashboard in Action


We hope you are intrigued. See for yourself why city leaders love our work.
Check out a short background video on the left, and on the right Ron will give you an overview of the dashboard.

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7 minute overview of the Insights Dashboard – Obviously Clear

Prioritize with CityPOV

Give Your Citizens a Voice

CityPOV helps you discover what you don’t know about how your citizens really feel so you can increase community engagement and take action where it counts.

Know Where to Prioritize

With CityPOV you’ll gain an understanding of what should be prioritized so you can make the best decisions, despite competing voices.

Move Forward with Confidence

Unite your city leadership to ensure everyone is aligned and moving in the best direction based on citizen feedback.

What City Leaders Say About CityPOV

Casey Lucius of Marco Island, Florida shares her experience with CityPOV.

Tracie Hlavinka of Lago Vista, TX gives her views on CitySPEND.

Ben Thatcher of Boerne, TX shares his experience with CityPOV.

The CityPOV Framework

The CityPOV Framework assures you will get the quality feedback you need, while being customizable to your specific needs.

  • Residents prioritize the city services and benefits they care about most.  
  • They give ratings for services and benefits they care about, but not things they don’t care about. This keeps the survey shorter while being thorough.
  • The powerful dashboard allows you to quickly see gaps between importance and performance.  Areas of focus becomes intuitive.  Comments allow you to explore more deeply about why citizens feel as they do.

The CityPOV survey methodology has been developed based on our experience with millions of survey responses around the globe. It combines the latest in academic theory with the best in human behavior research to promote honest responses and avoid common survey biases and pitfalls.

The CityPOV Difference

Many city leaders complain that their citizen surveys are unfocused and too long. They often lack clear goals and contain too many inconsistencies to yield useful data.

The CityPOV survey is built around a robust framework that gets to the heart of what is truly important for each individual.

This focused approach creates a core survey with ratings of importance and performance for 50+ city attributes. This core survey is only 7-8 minutes in length, leaving time for city specific deep dives on other topics. Community engagement with the survey is improved by this shorter, more focused approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your background was guiding private sector executives, why the public sector?

Our experience with decision-makers at some of the biggest and smartest companies in the world has given us experience and skill to solve difficult problems with research. When our first city approached us for help and loved what we delivered with CityPOV, we found a new passion.  We have chosen to make a difference and bring our expertise to the public sector to help city leaders make a difference.

Why should we trust OnPointe Insights to help us in the public sector?

Experience.  We are experts in survey design and in solving problems for demanding clients.  The skill set we’ve developed allows us to solve things that couldn’t be addressed by well-meaning people who haven’t had that experience.

Why is CityPOV superior to other city surveys?

Most city surveys are a tangle of questions designed by committee.  Most are either too simplistic or are fatiguing for residents who take them. Many are myopic on certain issues, trying to prove an internal opinion.  Others are so broad they are not useful.


OnPointe Insights designs surveys that are intuitive and fast for residents to take, and yet provide a maximum of information for a city—that’s the core difference. We design CityPOV with the final analysis and a dashboard in mind.  You can easily view results and efficiently monitor trends over time. Plus, our costs are reasonable because of the thoughtful design of CityPOV.

We use Surveymonkey. Why should we pay more to use OnPointe Insights?

Our site has helpful information for those who choose to go DIY.  We hope our information is helpful and are glad to help you even if you don’t choose our solutions.  That said, consider the full costs of DIY.  Is your survey unbiased, intuitive, and will it fully answer your questions?  Think of the full costs and difficulty of the lengthy analysis and hours on the backend that could have been avoided with a properly designed solution.  We’re glad to help any way we can, but we promise that CityPOV takes resident feedback to a powerful place.

Our city has unique needs. Can we customize CityPOV?

Yes.  We’ve designed CityPOV for local customization. All cities we work with have chosen a blend of tried and trusted topics with practical customization where it makes sense.  The CityPOV design is extremely efficient and covers most city needs in a 7 to 8 minute survey.  That means there is room for additional questions at the end, if you need them.

Can CityPOV really be done in 8 weeks?

Definitely.  However, there are some key decision points on your end.  Leaders who deliver on the critical moments in a timely basis can get results in as little as 5-6 weeks.  Internal delays can make timelines stretch longer.

How intuitive and accessible are the presented results?

The online dashboard is amazing.  Results are presented in a way that is so clear you cannot misunderstand priorities and areas for focus.  For those who wish to dig deeper, the ability to slice by demographics and other questions is obvious and simple.  Anyone who’s authorized from your city can access the beautiful charts and data.  Plus, you can easily export slides into PowerPoint or save findings to Excel.

How often should we survey our residents?

CityPOV is designed for trend comparisons.  You may survey residents annually or on a less frequent basis.  Either way, you can compare progress and course correct.  Most cities survey their residents annually because 3-year commitment costs for CityPOV are reasonable. 

Does CityPOV address decreasing response rates?

Some surveys are simply too long and not enjoyable.  That causes participation to drop now and also in subsequent years. We designed CityPOV to be shorter and to work well on mobile phones and other devices so participation remains high. It’s intuitive and easy. 

How about quality assurance for who’s taking our survey?

Garbage in, garbage out!  You have to trust the quality of the data.  That’s why we have a minimum of a 4-step process to validate that participants are from your city and they don’t take the survey several times.  Step 1, choose your city from a list.  Step 2, enter their zip code.  Step 3, capture their IP address and will remove all who don’t live in your city.  Step 4, only 1 response per IP address.  We can do more if required, but we have you covered on the quality front. But it doesn’t have to stop there. We will work with you to design the right solution for your city’s unique situation.

What about testing the survey by our team?

This is easy.  We’ll give you a link to test as soon as a draft survey is created.  Once we have input from your team about any refinements, we’ll make the tweaks, remove the test results and be ready to go live the next day.

Can CityPOV handle multiple languages?

Definitely.  We make it easy for survey participants to choose their language.  Data analysis is seamlessly done across languages, including comments and suggestions from survey participants. 

What about benchmarks?

CityPOV allows for powerful benchmarking because of the consistent study design.  Plus, it allows for annual benchmarking year over year for your city to track progress.  We benchmark on NPS, city direction, place to live vs other cities, and other key questions.

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