The Need

Coppell is an affluent suburban city near Dallas with over 40,000 citizens.  They have done many citizen engagement surveys over the years, but they were generally dissatisfied with the value usability of the findings.

OnPointe Insights was selected from a group of 17 interested providers.  Coppell wanted a study that helped them prioritize citizen needs, explored areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, got ratings on department service, explored satisfaction with city events, and more.

The OnPointe Solution

The OnPointe Insights CityPOV Framework was perfect for Coppell.  It covered all topics desired from their prior study while going into greater depth on topics not covered previously, and it was ½ as long (7-9 minutes) for citizens.

Priorities and ratings for…

  • Amenities and Facilities
  • City Benefits
  • Safety and Security
  • Growth and Development issues
  • City Operations

Overall priority and ratings
And much more

A draft of the survey was developed quickly.  Department head feedback and City Council review assure it thoroughly met needs.

The online survey was distributed through multiple channels, including email, SMS, social media, the city newsletter and more.

Over 10% of the adult population participated

The Outcome

As a result of the CityPOV survey Coppell gained…

  • insights on what residents love about their city and why they choose to live there
  • priority rankings of the 20 things residents care about most
  • Citizens poo pooed the Waggin’ Dog Park, making it a top priority for leaders. This article features Coppell’s plan to give the dog’s of Coppell something to wag their tails about.
  • feedback on what is going well and what needs fixed
  • clarity on which departments are giving great service and which ones need improvement
  • knowledge on how best to communicate with city residents
  • increased transparency between city leaders, city council, and residents
  • and more!

Check out Coppell’s survey results and dashboard on the Coppell City Website.

Traci Leach

Assistant City Manager, Coppell, Texas

“I’ll be honest, I was dubious of the importance ranking, because we did something like that last time. It did not go well. I’m really pleased, however. The way Onpointe designed the survey was much more successful than what we have tried in the past.”

“I’m pleased with where we landed. Pleased with the process. Pleased with the timeline. Pleased with the price. It worked, right? It did what we needed it to do.”

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