The Need

Mapleton, Utah is nestled below beautiful Maple Mountain. Large building lots, picturesque trails, and a rural heritage made it a destination for those seeking a quiet life with nearby large city amenities.

City leaders wanted to update the “city brand,” clarify what the city values and stands for, and make a positive impression in communications.

“The city has never had clean banding,” said Madison Wilson, Public Relations Coordinator. “What we hoped to do was tighten it up, make it fresh, and more relevant, while including our connection to the past.”

But they wanted citizen feedback on this important decision. They contacted Onpoint Insights.

The OnPointe Solution

A city’s brand must reflect the opportunities and realities of the city. It must build on positive attributes that exist while inspiring the possibilities. Without a real foundation, branding efforts soon fail.

Our 10-minute survey explored citizen thoughts on these and other topics:

  • The best thing about the city
  • What they love doing in the city
  • Why they moved to the city
  • Focus areas to make the city better
  • What should the city better
  • What should the city strive to be known for and why was vital
  • City events citizens care about

We distributed the online survey through email, SMS, and social media. About 20% of adults responded.

The Outcome

Citizens gave two meaningful directions for branding:

  • Focus on the hometown feel, friendships, and safety in the area.
  • Focus on the beautiful mountain setting, trails, and healthy environment.

Other possible directions were rejected by citizens, but these two strong options allow leaders to confidently select a direction.

CityBRAND provided the guidance the city needed for branding. But additional questions clarified the prioritization of another city deliverable as well. They got two studies for the price of one.

Cody Branch

City Administrator, Mapleton, Utah

“The CityBrand survey provides exactly what we needed. It allows us to wisely select a direction forward and have the ability to show the naysayers the reasons and evidence for the choice.”

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