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We build tools specifically for city leaders like you. Each solution helps you focus, prioritize, and move forward with confidence.
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CityPOV: Citizen Engagement Survey
Our Flagship Citizen Survey

When we were first asked by a city manager to design and execute their citizen survey, we paused to lean on our experience in the business world. With a review of their previous survey (and others like it) we created a new plan to…

  • Give them 4x the insights in half the length of their prior survey
  • Make it easy for people to take
  • Design it for mobile (because 50%+ would take it on their phones)
  • Give flexibility in how the survey was distributed
  • Eliminate cheaters or ballot stuffers
  • Create a process to rapidly develop a great survey with less effort
  • Provide powerful, intuitive results in a dashboard that allows for exploration

The end result was CityPOV, a powerful citizen survey designed for success. It’s a tool built to help city leaders intuitively prioritize and focus their limited resources.  

And with its low price it’s easy to do annually to adjust priorities and track progress. 

See the CityPOV Dashboard in Action

We know its hard to imagine the power behind CityPOV, but a picture is worth a thousand words.
We created a short introductory video on the left, and on the right we have given you access to a fully functioning example dashboard.

Click to see a short video about the CityPOV Dashboard
Fully Functioning Dashboard – Obviously Clear
Click here to experience the dashboard

The OnPointe Difference

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Experts in municipal research
Minimal effort on your part
Trusted by Fortune 500 executives
Rapid delivery timelines
User-friendly dashboard with actionable insights
Excellent value for the price

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