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Gain deep, meaningful insights on citizen emergency preparedness specific to your local concerns and situations.

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Gain deep, meaningful insights on citizen emergency preparedness specific to your local concerns and situations. We make it easy to gather information ranging from preparedness to awareness of city resources to willingness to volunteer.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We use the results of the survey often. Every other week we have presentations on specific needs, streets, parks, facilities, etc. The citizen feedback is critical. Even the newspapers follow us and quote the feedback. The findings give everyone confidence.

Ben ThatcherCity Manager, Boerne Texas

I’d make a big plug for this. We sometimes have blinders on and it's good to hear from residents and have them enlighten you about things you don't know.

City ManagerUtah

You guys have made this so easy on me. I didn't really know what to expect. But this has gone very smooth. The hard part was getting input from directors of departments and from the city council. You guys did a great job customizing it and I appreciate that.

Casey LuciusAssistant City Manager of Marco Island, Florida

You have to look at OnPointe Insights because they’re going to be concise, direct, and to the point. And they deliver value.


In previous city surveys, we asked the same things over and over. This was much more streamlined, simplified, and got to the heart. You guys were open to my thoughts and ideas. The dashboard made it easy to review.

Ben ThatcherCity Manager, Texas

The results really help us prioritize. In our Master Plan, we had a project to build a swimming pool. However, the survey results indicated low interest in a pool. So, with confidence we told the Council not to worry about it for now.

Ben ThatcherCity Manager, Boerne Texas

Compared to other survey tools I've used, the forced ranking with gap analysis really identified the key areas to focus on.

City ManagerTexas

If you ever consider doing it yourself, “bag” it. You're really not going to derive the value you want from a do-it-yourself survey. You're going to ask a bunch of questions that are just going to become “shelfware” afterwards.


The way you worked with us is very good. Our council always wants to hear from people outside the organization, who've looked at other organizations and can reliably say whether or not we are heading in the right direction.

Mark HafnerCity Manager of Keller Texas

It's been a good process. I do think the council's going to be very pleased with the results. It’s a good mirror of the priorities that they have set.

Rachel ReynoldsCommunication & Public Engagement Manager, Keller Texas

This is great. This is really helpful feedback. There has not been a professional, comprehensive engagement survey like this in our history. This provides a really helpful baseline and input from our residents.

Casey LuciusAssistant City Manager of Marco Island, Florida

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