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Intelligent Citizen Survey Solutions

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Solving Problems, Not Creating More

Our solutions are designed to enable you to do your job more effectively—connecting you with citizens and uniting city leaders.

Results-Focused Survey Design

Increased Survey Participation

Expert Data Analyzation

Comprehensive Results Debrief

End-to-End Support


This is our signature survey solution designed to help you prioritize with confidence (especially with tight budgets!). You’ll get actionable citizen feedback in a way simply not delivered by other methods, and it’s priced to make annual surveys a reality.

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Risk Prep

Gain deep, meaningful insights on citizen emergency preparedness specific to your local concerns and situations. We make it easy to gather information ranging from preparedness to awareness of city resources to willingness to volunteer.

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City Spend POV

When you’re considering a major infrastructure investment where citizen support is critical, SystemPOV is the solution for you. We’ll help you identify potential challenges and issues, concerns over expenditures, usage behaviors, and more.

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Custom Solutions

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out today! We’ve helped with thousands of surveys worldwide and are expert at designing a solution that will get you the feedback you need to make the best decisions.


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* Costs are significantly reduced if you agree to do CityPOV annually.  It’s risk free too, for you are not obligated to continue for the 2nd or 3rd year.  If you decide CityPOV is not working for you, you may cancel after the first year and still get the lower price.  However, we’re confident you’ll love it and want to continue.

** Sometimes a city requirement creates costs that are beyond what we include in our prices above (i.e. postcard invitations with costs for postcard creation and mailing).  Some cities request additional survey modules or questions which can add cost.  However, such additional costs are rare.

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